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    Norway, Australia and Iceland took the first three spots while Niger ranks at the very bottom, just below Afghanistan. Meanwhile, China made the biggest stride. read more »
    Has the worst subsided? A case for why capitalism is still the world's most productive economic engine, by Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek. read more »
    Hope for the ne'er-do-wells of the world... read more »
    We've been down the bailout road before. The assistance can take the form of capital injection, backing of debt or co-signing in the acquisition of new loans. read more »
    Despite his insanity, Glenn Beck does a surprisingly good job of explaining Goldman’s web of corruption. This story will not go away soon. read more »
    The eye-popping profit announcements from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan has caused a bit of consternation in the White House, coming so soon after the taxpayer bailouts saved the entire financial system from collapse. read more »
    Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, delivered a phenomenal speech last week at the Detroit Economic Club. In his speech, he offered a vision for how we can revive the economy and solve challenges such as energy and health care. read more »
    The outspoken head of a U.S. Congressional watchdog panel is urging lawmakers to set up a new agency to protect consumers from "tricks and traps" set by banks. read more »
    It is exceedingly difficult to convey exactly how much we are spending on all these bailouts. Here is a graphic way to clearly show how large the amounts involved are. read more »
    President outlines proposals for reordering how financial sector is regulated - includes plan for new consumer protection agency. read more »
    Maryland couldn't balance its budget last year, so the state attempted to close the shortfall by fleecing the rich. The Baltimore Sun predicted the wealthy would "grin and bear it." One year later, nobody's grinning read more »
    The charts and numbers here give you an overview of where the money is going. read more »
    This is the most emailed WSJ article of the day. WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan takes a look at the first days of the Obama administration and the Democrats. read more »



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