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    So-called "low-cost" airlines are able to sell flight tickets at $50-100, and still be profitable? Here is an infographic that explains how they do it. read more »
    When used well, credit cards can be useful. But they also have a dark side. One misstep and you’ll tumble into the abyss of credit card debt hell. Here's a guide to help you avoid those missteps. read more »
    Whoever uttered the words, "trust the art, not the artist" must have had Steve Jobs in mind. There's no doubt that the he will go down as one of the most creative, visionary, and high-impact leaders of his generation read more »
    How can a few pirates in small boats capture and hold huge tanker ships hostage? How can a few people in caves halfway across the world instill fear in the hearts of millions in the most powerful countries in the world? read more »
    How some of the largest, well-funded start up ventures crashed and burned millions and dollars in the process. read more »
    Who needs Advil when it is more expensive than aspirin and probably does no better at reducing pain? The era of dominant brands fueled by massive marketing campaigns is going into hibernation and it may be a very long w read more »
    Are you as confused as I am about what really changed? This graph helps quite a bit. read more »
    GM and Chrysler are busy shuttering plants, shedding dealers and product lines. As a result, Toyota will become the largest seller of light vehicles in the US. It has held the top spot globally since last year. read more »
    Goldman Sachs staff is looking forward to the biggest bonus in the firm's 140-year history after a spectacular first half, sparking concern that the investment banks which survived will derail regulation reforms. read more »
    The chain, which has recently expanded its menu beyond pizza to include pasta characterized the name change as an attempt to transform its stores into hip hangouts. read more »
    Buried in Obama's proposed regulatory reform is a change that could upend Wall Street: Brokers would be held to a higher standard that would compel them to place their client's interests ahead of their own. read more »
    Wal-Mart has fallen behind on plans for putting retail medical clinics in its stores. Still, the company says it hasn't given up on this growth area - yet. read more »
    The retailer's shares had tumbled in recent weeks following rumors of a potential bankruptcy. The private equity firm that bought the firm said it plans to keep a majority of the employees and stores. read more »
    So apparently it's TARP repayment day. JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley, BB&T and U.S. Bancorp all said they were repaying their TARP money. read more »
    Iranians are using Twitter, blogs and YouTube to share what is happening at a speed that has left mainstream media off-foot. Surely this is a moment when we will say that news - and the web - changed forever. read more »



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