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    One of the biggest fears for some investors about the stimulus plan is that pumping too much money in the system would lead to hyperinflation. Here is a contrarian view. read more »
    The IMF says that damage the financial system will last for years and governments may be unable to sufficiently address the problem. read more »
    The “Foundation index” appears to be overtaking the “Lipstick index” as the barometer of economic activity this year as women plump for a layer of foundation as a pick-me-up in bad times, rather than a dash of lipstick. read more »
    Excerpts from the IMF report hot off the press. Good read. read more »
    Economists in the latest Wall Street Journal survey expect the recession to end this year but foresee that the unemployment will not peak until mid 2010. read more »
    A chart comparing this crash compare vs. the previous ones. read more »
    James Quinn: "As Congressional moron after Congressional moron goes on the Sunday talk show circuit and says we must stop home prices from falling, I wonder whether these people took basic math in high school." read more »
    A clever animation explaining the credit crisis. read more »
    Did you know that the TARP application is only 2 pages? read more »
    Number of jobs lost relative to peak month have taken a spectacular nosedive. read more »
    Nice article to help simplify and de-mystify the Obama stimulus package... read more »
    Wall Street revelled briefly in the prospect of "bad banks," aggregating toxic mortgage loans into a government controlled bank. Likewise, they reacted aggressively on the hint that the plan is shoved to the back burn read more »
    Are gasoline prices headed higher? It’s very probable if you consider the previous 2008 history. read more »
    As support builds on Wall Street and Capitol Hill for a "bad bank" plan to help financial institutions free their balance sheets of illiquid assets, two prominent analysts on Thursday noted significant stumbling block read more »
    Surprisingly positive data on the U.S. housing market hit the market today. Did we just pass the bottom? read more »



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