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    Americans are pissed off at Wall Street, and rightly so. First they caused the crisis, then they were bailed out at taxpayer expense. And now, with the economy still depressed, they are paying huge bonuses. read more »
    The prototype vending machine will carry a staggering 140 flavors. Consumers can pick their drinks based on calories, caffeine content or just color via a touch screen interface. read more »
    According a research conducted in May, 72% of consumers said they had tried to haggle, and a stunning 80% were successful. Is the US retail market turning into a Moroccan bazaar? read more »
    Dear Wall Street: New York AG Andrew Cuomo is appalled by your behavior, which he details in his new report titled, provocatively: "No Rhyme or Reason: The 'Heads I Win, Tails You Lose' Bank Bonus Culture." read more »
    The intern is reportedly OK. He had been working for 3 days straight before the convulsions began. Those not seizing were given last weekend off in light of their fallen comrade. read more »
    The drink contains skimmed milk mixed with sparkling water, flavored with fruit and cane sugar. Coca-Cola is test-marketing the carbonated drink under the name "Vio" in New York. read more »
    After a decade of unprecedented global demand for luxury, the storm cloud of economic recession now provides a fascinating context to luxury brand strategy. read more »
    How does a company perform this badly? United has proven it can simultaneously suck in customer service, public relations and financial results. Here are three key lessons we all can learn from United's missteps. read more »
    Unlike caffeine-packed drinks that increase anxiety, Slow Cow contains calming ingredients like camomile and passiflora. Slow Cow, whose tongue-in-cheek logo did not amuse Red Bull, may have discovered an unmet need. read more »
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz credited profit margin improvements, cost savings and attention brought to the category by its rival's big-budget McCafe launch with helping to improve Starbucks' same-store sales. read more »
    The first wave of postmortems on the crash suggests that the roots of Wall Street’s crisis were not structural (i.e. regulations, incentives) or cognitive (i.e. incompetence) so much as they were psychological. read more »
    Deutsche Bank confirmed it faces a criminal investigation into spying allegations. Sources say the firm already dismissed two top executives following an internal investigation. read more »
    Fortune 500 firms with the best records of putting women at the top were 18 to 69 percent more profitable than the median companies in their industries. read more »
    So what’s wrong with Goldman posting $3.4 billion in quarterly profits? What’s wrong with the company earmarking $11 billion in bonuses? What’s wrong is that this is not free-market earnings but a pure state subsidy. read more »



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