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    New models of market dynamics try to protect against financial blowups by mirroring more accurately how markets work. read more »
    The Sacramento Bee has a Google Map that projects which parts of US should come out of recession first - and which last. You can drill down to quite a detailed level. read more »
    If an e-mail popped up in your inbox promising a house for $100, you'd expect to see it sent from a scammer in Nigeria. But this is real. And Detroit, Michigan, artist Jon Brumit and his wife Sarah are living it. read more »
    A comparison current world output, trade, and stock prices against the Great Depression puts things in perspective. The government policy response to the collapse, however, has been much more aggressive. read more »
    Rare are those instances in which entire economies are disrupted to the point - typically as a result of rampant inflation - that an entire form of currency is discarded, reformed or replaced. But it does happen. read more »
    These unorthodox barometers of the economy can give you much needed guidance for your portfolio or maybe just a good laugh. Alligators, mosquitoes, Star Trek, romance novels and more. read more »
    Dozens of cities may have entire neighborhoods bulldozed as part of a drastic "shrink to survive" proposal being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline. read more »
    The unprecedented expansion of the money supply will make the '70s look benign. read more »
    If you want to see a simple, fact based way to verify whether we are on the road to recovery, check out this "Recovery Index" developed by Kiplinger. read more »
    We have seen many signs in the last couple of weeks that might point towards the beginning of the end of the “Great Recession”. Yet a closer look at the detail suggests there is a long way to go before recovery sets in. read more »
    Understanding the differences and similarities between these economies can provide you with a compelling view of how various factors play into the US economy. Here is an at-a-glance view of the most important numbers. read more »
    We've seen many famous bankruptcies in the last few years: Enron, United Airlines and of course Lehman Brothers and GM. But how do they compare in terms of size? read more »
    The top four will remain the same: NYC, LA, Chicago and Dallas. However, Houston and Atlanta will shoot up to 5th and 6th spots by 2025, adding over 2 million people each. Meanwhile, Detroit will slip to 14th spot. read more »
    If you have doubts about whether your education was worth it, check out this graphs which hows the unemployment rate by level of education. Education matters! read more »
    People who never dreamed they would get in trouble are in deep, deep trouble. read more »



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