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    The OECD has released its Society at a Glance survey, which reveals some interesting trends: The French spend more time sleeping and eating than anyone else, while Norwegians spend the most time on leisure. read more »
    Shai Agassi has a good starting point for electric cars: Addressing what the consumers want. If his cost analyses are correct, this sounds like a real plan for a 100% electric car adoption. read more »
    China, wary of the US economy, has "canceled America's credit card" by cutting down purchases of debt, a Representative Mark Kirk said Thursday. read more »
    "I cannot remain with a man who consorts with minors", Veronica Lario was quoted as saying. "This really surprised me, because he never came to any 18th birthday party for his children" the paper quoted her. read more »
    US and China are the two main engines of global economy and trade. This visualization gives you an intuitive, in-depth view of their roles. read more »
    By 2010, the U.K. will have the largest deficit in the developed world. The problem is that the financial services industry has been a huge cash cow for the last 10 years and now it is going into reverse. read more »
    Mercer has just published the quality of life ranking of 420 global cities. Vienna took the top spot, Zürich came in second, while Baghdad was at the bottom. read more »
    For Sale signs on half-built apartment blocks dominate the view in Madrid. The global recession has hit the once-booming real estate market on a global level, even harder than US in some markets. read more »
    An interesting article written by Andrew Lloyd Webber of all people, pointing out that the much ballyhooed tax increase in the UK is not an increase to a highest tax-bracket of 50%, but actually to an incredible 64.8%. read more »
    The best operators typically go right to foreign-service call centers, leaving Indian-service call centers with even worse quality of service. read more »
    They've got the gold, we've got the bombs. read more »
    Japanese government has found creative ways to tackle unemployment: Get the unemployed out of the country by offering citizenship buyouts! read more »
    This is a video from the Miniature Earth project. It entirely changed how I view the world so I thought I would share it with this group. read more »
    New study shows that skilled immigrants are going back home to better career opportunities and a better quality of life. read more »
    Looks like Brazilians have bad habits, while Pakistanis are not having any fun... read more »



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