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    Foreclosures in April exceeded even March's blistering pace with a record 342,000 homes. One of every 374 U.S. homes received a filing during the month, with Nevada, Florida and California leading the way. read more »
    2008 was a tough year for hedge funds: Devastating losses and redemptions sent assets into a tailspin, from $1.9 trillion, to $1 trillion. This ranking lists the most successful ones, based on 3 year returns. read more »
    The current recovery has propelled the S&P 500 a third above its March low in just 60 days. However, some noted strategists say this could be a "sucker's rally" - a fleeting bounce in the middle of a bear market. read more »
    U.S. homes lost $704 billion in value during the first quarter and have depreciated $3.8 trillion in the past 12 months, leaving 21.9 percent of home owners with negative equity. read more »
    The President has castigated hedge funds for being unwilling to take his bid for Chrysler bonds, calling them “speculators, refusing to sacrifice like everyone else”. The response has been outrage and fear. read more »
    How did they know that this is exactly my investing strategy? read more »
    Latest update of the comparison of the current bear market vs. three of the worst bear markets of the century. read more »
    36 South , a New Zealand-based hedge fund firm set up by derivatives traders, will close its Black Swan Fund after it gained 236 percent in the last 12 months and start a fund that wagers on inflation.
    read more »
    Will long-term interest rates go up due to all the government spending? read more »
    Paul Kanjorski: In mid-September of 2008, U.S. came just 3 hours away from the collapse of the entire economy. In a span of 2 hours, $550 billion was drawn out of money market accounts in an electronic run on the banks. read more »
    Next month, a NYC bond issued in 1868, thought to be the oldest active municipal bond in the country, will come due. read more »
    Who's at Fault? The good intentions, bad managers and greed behind the meltdown. read more »



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