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    Now, you too can manage like Neutron Jack, thanks to the legendary former GE boss’s $12m investment in Chancellor University in Ohio, which will offer the degree through its newly named Jack Welch Management Institute. read more »
    Greg Coffey has been a big name in London hedge fund circles, but it was a single career decision he made last year that gave him an international profile. read more »
    What started as a pledge to do no harm by 2009 graduates of the elite business school has quickly gone global. However, not everyone is on board. read more »
    In his speech at TED, Richard St. John reminds us that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey. He uses the story of his own rise and fall to illustrate a valuable lesson - when we stop trying, we fail. read more »
    For the Class of 2009, landing a job may seem impossible. To the MBA Class that graduated in 2002, the experience sounds eerily familiar. Still, they made it through, with a little bit of flexibility and persistence. read more »
    Just about everyone, even CEOs want to do great work, look good in the eyes of their managers, and earn the respect of their peers. Here are some pretty good practical tips. read more »
    So you lost your job. Now what? As an employee, you had a daily routine, health insurance coverage, and a paycheck. But if you're among the thousands of laid off now trying to go it alone, where do you start? read more »
    It turns out, living abroad gives greater creativity in problem solving, according to new research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. read more »
    In Germany, losing his job didn't stop Alfred Butt from taking a Mediterranean vacation this winter. Thanks to generous unemployment benefits, being out of work "hasn't changed my life that much," he says. read more »
    If you're talented, people will always ask more of you. They ask you for this or that or the other thing. They ask nicely. They will benefit from the insight you can give them. read more »
    Stanford students are said to be like ducks: calm and happy on the surface, but paddling like hell under the water. But this year, with the recession hammering away at the job market, the shore seems far away. read more »
    Ronald Heifetz teaches the most popular class at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He possesses the ability to command his students’ attention while remaining calm, even distant, as if watching events from afar. read more »
    The researchers found a strong link between wages and height, particularly for men, with each additional four inches of height adding three percent to hourly wages. read more »
    Even though majority of the bullies are still men, it turns out, a good 40 percent are women. And unlike their male bully counterparts, women appear to have an inclination to target their own kind. read more »
    Harvard's Bill Taylor discusses which group has the right stuff for seizing opportunities during a recession. read more »



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