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    PepsiCo sent shockwaves through the beverage industry when it announced that it would cease all advertising. "We know it's good, and everyone's pretty happy with the overall taste and that's enough" read more »
    The ranking is based on growth in assets, profitability, geographic reach, strategic relationships, new business development and product innovation as well as certain subjective criteria. read more »
    With the outlook for sales growth dim, everyone seems to be turning to Six Sigma to squeeze out more savings. Such interest speaks to the level of anxiety permeating the corporate landscape. read more »
    This is the first time the value of the world's top 100 brands as ranked by Interbrand, has fallen in the 10 years Interbrand has assessed them. According to the report, consumers lost trust in brands amid downturn. read more »
    Recently, a poll of LinkedIn members posed this question: "Of the ads you see in a typical day, how many engage your attention?" A remarkable 91% responded "a small minority" or "none". read more »
    The German sportswear companies Puma and Adidas have decided to end a feud started 60 years ago by their founding brothers. read more »
    Do you like three-day weekends? Not just once in a while but week in week out? You may think your bosses would never agree to it, but the evidence suggests that employers, employees and the environment all benefit. read more »
    Procter & Gamble, the world's largest consumer products company, just announced a stunning and counterintuitive strategy to kick-start growth: "Invoke the heart and care about human needs and the money will follow" read more »
    Walmart loves to shock and awe. And with the recession forcing legions of stores into bankruptcy, the world's largest retailer now apparently is moving to kill the remaining survivors. read more »
    The latest casualties came last week: First Bank of Kansas City, Iowa-based Vantus Bank, Illinois-based InBank and Platinum Community Bank the First State Bank in Arizona. read more »
    What happened after the bailout and the restructuring? Here's an infograph that breaks it all down: Who bought which brands? Who became their shareholders? How are they performing so far? What lies ahead? read more »
    According to the World Database of Happiness (yes, there is one), Iceland is the happiest country on earth. That is, despite the fact that Iceland is cold and dark six months out of the year. Here's why. read more »
    The vast discovery in the Gulf of Mexico may be one of the biggest oil finds of the year, if not the decade. And it demonstrates BP's high-risk, high-reward strategy is working. read more »
    After his firm threw off the government lifeline and roared back to profitability, Goldman Sachs' CEO, Lloyd C. Blankfein, has been awarded the top spot in Vanity Fair's latest "New Establishment" power list. read more »
    81 small banks have tanked so far this year. Despite a rebound in the markets, hundreds of additional banks are expected to join them as local real estate investments continue to lose value. read more »



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