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    Traditional working hours vary greatly around the world, based on both economic and cultural differences. The OECD just released their latest study that shows which countries have their nose to the grindstone. read more »
    This is from Barry Ritholtz's blog. It is interesting to note that there are no US ports in the top 10, and only three in the top 25. read more »
    While, US and Europe are still leading the way, China is quickly catching up. read more »
    This infograph explores the correlation between the share of health care spending covered by the government and the WHO’s ranking of the system, as well as the amount each country spends on health care. read more »
    Plans for the largest wind farm in the world have been scrapped, energy baron T. Boone Pickens said Tuesday. He is now looking for a home for 687 giant wind turbines. read more »
    A new online tool by OECD puts the power of information in the hands of anyone who's interested, and turns data into animation. read more »
    Which country will be the first to run out of oil? Which will be forced into building more environmentally friendly transportation or production systems? This map helps you take a look at where resources are consumed. read more »
    Prince Alwaleed was on the cover for the summer issue of a magazine called "Prestige New York". It gets better. read more »
    The Somali pirates are unrepentant criminals, yes. However, somehow, they have been very successful with an 18th century business model. Explaining their strategy purely in economic terms yields interesting insights. read more »
    This map shows the top producing countries of natural resources, including oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds and uranium. It is interesting to see which parts of the world are rich in resources. read more »
    The US now has the largest national debt in the world, with almost $9 Trillion dollars. But what does that mean? This map puts it into global context, showing the breakdown of each country's debt, as a percent of GDP. read more »
    This world map shows the top 10 countries that are perceived to be avoiding the economic crisis the best, as voted by international businesspeople. read more »
    Is China finally getting serious about loosening their ties to the dollar—and even replacing the dollar with the yuan as the global economy's reserve currency? There is increasing evidence that they are. read more »
    China's arrival was evident at the G20 summit last month. Hu Jintao, China's president, represented the only major power still enjoying growth (expected to be 8% this year), backed by substantial financial reserves. read more »
    Tata has unveiled plans to build what might be the world's cheapest high-rise apartments--ranging in price from $7,800 to $13,400. The company is already famous for it's $2,000 Nano, a stunningly affordable car. read more »



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