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    Home prices are likely to fall for the next year, then stabilize. The rebound is likely around 2012, as the overall economy takes off again. read more »
    "The asymmetry of risk and reward embedded in CDS exerts so much downward pressure on the bonds underlying the contracts that financial institutions could be brought to their knees", said the billionaire on Friday. read more »
    Today’s Wall Street Journal carries the amazing story of a small Texas brokerage that pulled a fast one on some of the biggest banks in the world. read more »
    Americans waved good bye to $1.3 trillion of wealth in the first quarter of 2009, as the stock market and home values continued to decline, according to a government report released today. read more »
    OPEC production cuts and hedge funds have lifted oil prices. Fears about a falling dollar could push them higher yet. read more »
    The theory says that the stock market can’t be beaten on a consistent basis because all available information is already built into stock prices. The theory, once a near dogma, has been taking some serious blows. read more »
    The Dow Jones industrial average is the latest Wall Street institution to be reshaped by the financial crisis. The stock market's best-known barometer is adding Cisco and Travelers and dropping GM and Citi. read more »
    Universa Investments, which has links to "Black Swan" author and NYU professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is starting a hedge fund to bet that efforts by governments to end the global recession will lead to hyperinflation read more »
    It seems the traditional laws of supply and demand have stopped working for oil prices. read more »
    A real interesting and thoughtful slideshow by Trendbuero. The report reviews the luxury trends in China - predicted to be the world’s largest luxury market by 2015. read more »
    Recently departed Merrill Lynch bear David Rosenberg is out with his first report from his new outfit, Gluskin Sheff. He explains why he believes that this big, two-and-half month market runup is a sucker's rally. read more »
    This may come as a surprise to some, especially men: In times of crisis, women are more likely to take a shopping spree than in normal times. read more »
    This is a detailed map of median income per household. You can zoom in to see median incomes all the way down to county level. read more »
    It's not all doom and gloom in the U.S. economy. Some products are bucking the recession and flying off shelves. Sales of chocolate and running shoes are up. Strong Spam sales helped Hormel post a 6% increase in revenu read more »
    College students are expected to spend over $10 billion gearing up for campus this year. 26% of that total will be spent on room and board, 19% on tuition and fees, 7% on entertainment and 5% on travel and vacation. read more »



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