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    A new study shows what it takes to convince a person that he isn't qualified to achieve the career of his dreams. read more »
    This is an index of the labor markets, which ranks cities based on how many unemployed people there are compared to job listings. For example, for each unemployed person in Washington, D.C., there are six job postings. read more »
    Marketing majors: There's a six-figure job waiting for you at the casino. Jeff Walker, 47, who graduated from college in 1983 with a marketing degree, is a gaming manager at Mohegan Sun, the Connecticut-based casino. read more »
    Want your kid to become one of the richest people on earth? Just send them to Harvard. read more »
    The Time magazine reports that the typical non-hourly worker will see a 1.8% bump in salary, which, is the smallest in at least 33 years. In real terms, this corresponds to a salary decline. read more »
    Attending an interview with the intent to impress the hiring manager is dangerous if you go about it in the wrong way. Here are the five most deadly, yet, common interview mistakes. read more »
    You're in the elevator with the hiring manager of your dream job. As the door slides shut, you feel the adrenaline rush: you've got 15 seconds, if that, to communicate your potential. What would you say? read more »
    "I'm not wanted in this state."
    "How many young women work here?"
    "My weaknesses are that I am an alcoholic and do not deserve this job" read more »
    If you're looking for a career switch or are just interested in what else out there, take a look at this list. Some jobs are quite different that the way they typically are portrayed. read more »
    Among the 50 largest cities in the U.S., one stands out for having the most abundant job postings per capita: Washington, D.C. The capital boasted 133 postings per 1,000 residents in the second quarter of 2009. read more »
    Can one lead and inspire without charisma? Absolutely. Just follow these tips. read more »
    It turns out that taller people are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful. Estimates suggest that an additional five centimeters [2 inches] in height, roughly brings extra $1,000 a year. read more »
    Business school admissions departments are taking a closer look applicants' ability to land a job upon graduation. read more »
    B-school grads have started giving up on the job market and starting their own businesses instead. Funding is nowhere in sight, but some schools are offering support. read more »



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