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    An entertaining list of good business blogs. read more »
    This is the first global ranking of employer attractiveness and highlights the world’s most powerful employer brands. Google takes the undisputed #1 spot in this year's ranking. read more »
    This infograph depicts largest bank brands by region and is quite interesting in itself. It also highlights the relative distance between the banks in the Middle East and elsewhere. read more »
    Utah was the first state in the country to shut down most of its services on Fridays. The savings are driven by reduced overtime expenses, reduced energy spending and janitorial services. read more »
    The firm has completed 17 deals so far this year, investing a total of $130M. Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins have completed fewer but larger deals. read more »
    Earlier this year there was a huge debate about how to get the banks lending again. The debate faded out, however, after Citi and BofA, the weakest links, announced profits. But a funny thing happened last week. read more »
    The Five Most Common Missed Opportunities in Identity Systems

    Identity systems provide important branding opportunities. A suite of well-done materials provides a relatively low-cost, high-value impact. read more »
    C.K. Prahalad, Malcolm Gladwell and Paul Krugman took the top three spots in Forbes / CrainerDearlove ranking of most influential business thinkers of today. read more »
    "Great strategy emerges when people are encouraged to challenge the status quo" says a report by strategy consultants Cognosis. "If conflict is well managed then it can nurture creativity". read more »
    According to Calvin Trillin, the financial crisis was caused by smart people going to work on Wall Street. There may be some truth to it. Look at this chart of wage and education in financial services. read more »
    Do your employees know the difference between important and urgent?
    "A 1973 experiment demonstrates how much a leader's communication about time influences people's behavior in powerful and often unexpected wa read more »
    People often think of the elevator pitch as something you use when you're interviewing for a job or raising capital. The elevator pitch, however, is no less important after getting the job or the capital. read more »
    These are 40 companies that are thriving despite the economy. They are committed to innovation, diversified, aggressively growing, have strong leadership, and a clear vision. Have a look at the ranking and the numbers b read more »
    Article describes eight reasons why chief executives make dumb decisions -- but every decision-maker is capable of making these mistakes. read more »



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