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    Hedge funds clients lose again and again, but they never learn do they? read more »
    The current Fed policy of low rates, has made ownership look cheap. However, the most important ratio — median annual Income to Housing costs — shows that prices are still high. read more »
    The project, called Google Domestic Trends, allows market watchers to know economic data almost in real-time. The tool has economic categories like automotive, unemployment and real estate. read more »
    "A man is not a whole and complete man," wrote Walt Whitman, "unless he owns a house and the ground it stands on.". To own a home is to be American. To rent is to be something less. Time for a re-think? read more »
    Years before Madoff burst into the scene with his massive Ponzi scheme, Erin Arvedlund wrote an exposé, questioning his investment returns. Madoff responded: "It's a proprietary strategy. I can't go into details". read more »
    America is a country of illiterates - financial illiterates that is. In a 2004 survey, only 18% of baby boomers answered a simple compound interest problem correctly. read more »
    The days of infinite margins, 1,000% productivity gains, and growth of market throughout the world are long over. read more »
    A plane ride just 2.5 hours from Miami, Panama enables the newly poor to swap a wretched retirement in the U.S. for one befitting a royal. Cash out! Emigrate! Feel rich! read more »
    Tokyo is the world's most expensive city, according to Mercer's 2009 Worldwide Cost of Living survey released today. Japan's capital is followed by Osaka and Moscow, which held the top spot in last year's rankings. read more »
    New research results suggest that our brain solves the problem before we become consciously aware of the answer! read more »
    Just drop out of college, work at Goldman Sachs or join Skull & Bones. read more »
    Wouldn't it be great if the tax law was simple enough that most of us could compute our taxes on a single form? read more »
    An examination of how the economic stimulus plan will affect Americans, depending on their situation. read more »
    Barron's recently published the latest list of nation's best financial advisers, whose skills are even more valuable in times like this. See the full list here, organized by state. read more »
    Not sure if I would want to group my laundry with others but some of these tips offer ideas on frugal living in this time of financial emergency. read more »



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