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    What is Strategist News?

    Strategist News is a business news community. It operates as a social media platform, meaning the community (you) decides which news stories will be published on our homepage. Strategist News users vote on stories they like by clicking the button that appears next to each story.



    How do I participate?

    The first step in joining our community is registering as a user. Following that, you may want to vote on and discuss stories on the homepage , vote on stories in the recently added news section, or even submit your own stories. Invite others and give us feedback. For more information, take a tour of our site.



    What kind of stories should I submit to Strategist News?

    We're pretty flexible about what kind of stories appear on Strategist News: it's really the community's site, after all. Really, any news story or article that would appeal to such a business community is fair game. It's then up to the Strategist News community to decide if the story is good enough to be voted onto the homepage !



    I'm a blogger. Can I submit articles from my own blog?

    Yes! Feel free to submit any of your own blog articles. We only ask that you submit content of the quality that Strategist News users will want to read.



    Who is behind Strategist News?

    Strategist News is a US-based, privately held company. The founder, John, is an intellectualy curious ex-strategy consultant, who enjoys sharing and discussing, as you guessed, stimulating . You can read more about Strategist News on our about page .



    How can I advertise on Strategist News?

    Please contact us at




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