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    What we do

    Strategist News mix

    Strategist News aspires to be a leading news source of intelligent news for businesses and professionals. The site has been launched as a free online destination that delivers high quality business news and blog posts that come recommended by like minded professionals.


    Strategist News hopes to set itself apart with the quality of its community and resulting content selection. Members are a diverse group of business, investment and marketing strategists with an intellectually curious attitude. Blog posts and news articles are selected and ranked based on the number of recommendations.


    You can follow Strategist News by visiting the website , or through RSS or Twitter. For additional information, contact or take a site tour at



    Who we are

    We got together as a group of business professionals (mostly strategy consultants, i-bankers and brand managers), and decided to establish this website to share good business writing that we all enjoy.


    One of the first things we did was to start that with building a ranking of blogs that we enjoy reading the most. You can check out our ranking here.


    We are focused on building a smart, friendly community that enjoys reading shared articles and sharing enjoyable articles, and we hope you join us!


    John Gates, on behalf of Strategist News Team






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