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    The latest casualties came last week: First Bank of Kansas City, Iowa-based Vantus Bank, Illinois-based InBank and Platinum Community Bank the First State Bank in Arizona. read more »
    Graduates lucky enough to land a job may find the prospect of responsibility and rapid advancement surprisingly strong. But don't expect bigger salaries. read more »
    Which companies do headhunters avoid recruiting from? Their answers will surprise you. Not only are they quite consistent, they include some companies that are widely viewed as successful. read more »
    Florida lost 58,000 residents this year - the first net outflow in 63 years. Reason? There are many: A huge rise in property taxes, hurricane-insurance premiums and electricity rates is squeezing them out. read more »
    You might disagree with the methodology Forbes uses, but the results and the data are interesting nonetheless. Chicago takes the crown again this year, with its high unemployment rate, home price drop and population den read more »
    What happened after the bailout and the restructuring? Here's an infograph that breaks it all down: Who bought which brands? Who became their shareholders? How are they performing so far? What lies ahead? read more »
    According to the World Database of Happiness (yes, there is one), Iceland is the happiest country on earth. That is, despite the fact that Iceland is cold and dark six months out of the year. Here's why. read more »
    The vast discovery in the Gulf of Mexico may be one of the biggest oil finds of the year, if not the decade. And it demonstrates BP's high-risk, high-reward strategy is working. read more »
    Sales of men's underwear typically are stable because they rank as a necessity. But during times of financial strain, men will try to stretch the time between buying new pairs, causing underwear sales to dip. read more »
    After his firm threw off the government lifeline and roared back to profitability, Goldman Sachs' CEO, Lloyd C. Blankfein, has been awarded the top spot in Vanity Fair's latest "New Establishment" power list. read more »
    Did you know that the most expensive zip code in the US was in New Jersey of all places? Alpine, N.J. (07620) tops the list with a median asking price of $4 million, followed by Atherton, CA and West Village in Manhatta read more »
    Such optimism is hard to come by in other sports these days. The Arena Football League is about to liquidate. The LPGA women’s pro golf tour lost seven tournaments. Meanwhile, the U.S. Open is on a roll. read more »
    The promise of the big law firm career — and its paychecks — is slipping through their fingers, forcing them to look at lesser firms in smaller markets. read more »
    81 small banks have tanked so far this year. Despite a rebound in the markets, hundreds of additional banks are expected to join them as local real estate investments continue to lose value. read more »
    After 12 months, the experiment in Utah's unusual experiment has been so successful that a new acronym could catch on: TGIT (thank God it's Thursday). read more »



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