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    I found this analysis of the crisis by the Boston Consulting Group to be pretty good. It is deep but easy to follow. Really helps you understand "how deep" the hole goes. There is also an action plan for executives. read more »
    A slideshow shows of 9 small business/industries enjoying a boom which according to Stacy Perman of the Businessweek has been “giving new relevance to the old adage that one man's misfortune is another's opportunity.” read more »
    In this video, Niall Ferguson (Harvard Business School) explains that US can withstand a worst case financial crisis scenario, while Switzerland and UK will face an Iceland style bankruptcy. read more »
    Nice article to help simplify and de-mystify the Obama stimulus package... read more »
    Barron's recently published the latest list of nation's best financial advisers, whose skills are even more valuable in times like this. See the full list here, organized by state. read more »
    Internet Explorer continued to lose market share in January, continuing its downward slide. read more »
    Wall Street revelled briefly in the prospect of "bad banks," aggregating toxic mortgage loans into a government controlled bank. Likewise, they reacted aggressively on the hint that the plan is shoved to the back burn read more »
    Are gasoline prices headed higher? It’s very probable if you consider the previous 2008 history. read more »
    As support builds on Wall Street and Capitol Hill for a "bad bank" plan to help financial institutions free their balance sheets of illiquid assets, two prominent analysts on Thursday noted significant stumbling block read more »
    Not sure if I would want to group my laundry with others but some of these tips offer ideas on frugal living in this time of financial emergency. read more »
    Did you know that some people prefer to be homeless? I know, sounds crazy right? Some homeless people actually stay in their situations on purpose. read more »
    As the president builds a new team... read more »
    This is the most emailed WSJ article of the day. WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan takes a look at the first days of the Obama administration and the Democrats. read more »
    I really needed this. This looks like a list of things that are actually quite doable. read more »



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