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    Japanese government has found creative ways to tackle unemployment: Get the unemployed out of the country by offering citizenship buyouts! read more »
    The IMF says that damage the financial system will last for years and governments may be unable to sufficiently address the problem. read more »
    The “Foundation index” appears to be overtaking the “Lipstick index” as the barometer of economic activity this year as women plump for a layer of foundation as a pick-me-up in bad times, rather than a dash of lipstick. read more »
    Citi’s profit was actually due to part luck and part accounting. If not for some of that friendly accounting, Citi would have recorded a loss. read more »
    Excerpts from the IMF report hot off the press. Good read. read more »
    Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer explains the stunning findings from his research. read more »
    This was an amazing demo from the TED conference, which generated a huge amount of excitement. read more »
    How did they know that this is exactly my investing strategy? read more »
    If you want to know whether your marriage will survive, just look at your spouse's college yearbook photos. read more »
    Check out these photos of an attempt to “exorcise” all the “toxic” assets and “bad” loans from BofA’s balance sheets. read more »
    Latest update of the comparison of the current bear market vs. three of the worst bear markets of the century. read more »
    Just drop out of college, work at Goldman Sachs or join Skull & Bones. read more »
    Goldman profit number was more than twice analysts’ expectations. GS is also planning to raise $5B in a share sale to pay back a portion of the TARP money - just enough to make sure that they escape any government bonus read more »
    Recruiting the best people hard enough in normal times. However, interestingly, it's even harder in times like this. read more »



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