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    The best operators typically go right to foreign-service call centers, leaving Indian-service call centers with even worse quality of service. read more »
    In other news, 95% of Americans want Pelosi to not say anything. read more »
    The future software mogul was a headstrong 12-year-old and was having a particularly nasty argument with his mother at the dinner table. Fed up, his father threw a glass of cold water in his face. "Thanks for the showe read more »
    In potentially explosive testimony, Lewis claimed the US treasury ordered him to press ahead with a buyout of Merrill and to keep quiet about the mounting losses. read more »
    Marriage satisfaction is based on perception - not reality, a new study funds. If we perceive that our spouse is supporting our goals, bliss ensues, even if we happen to be kidding ourselves. read more »
    The rumor mill is in overdrive that Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit is about to go the way of Rick Wagoner and will be offered the Obama sword to fall upon. read more »
    The fed outlined the methodology of the the tests and said the 19 banks that hold half the loans in the U.S. will not be allowed to fail — even if they fail the tests. read more »
    New research results suggest that our brain solves the problem before we become consciously aware of the answer! read more »
    One of the biggest fears for some investors about the stimulus plan is that pumping too much money in the system would lead to hyperinflation. Here is a contrarian view. read more »
    “No offense to Middle America, but if someone went to Wharton, why should they all of a sudden be paid the same as a truck driver?” e-mails an irate Citigroup executive to a colleague. read more »
    They've got the gold, we've got the bombs. read more »



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