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    Marketing majors: There's a six-figure job waiting for you at the casino. Jeff Walker, 47, who graduated from college in 1983 with a marketing degree, is a gaming manager at Mohegan Sun, the Connecticut-based casino. read more »
    "A man is not a whole and complete man," wrote Walt Whitman, "unless he owns a house and the ground it stands on.". To own a home is to be American. To rent is to be something less. Time for a re-think? read more »
    A nationwide survey of 1,556 real-estate agents in June revealed the key themes of what is going on in the housing market. read more »
    Colonial Bank has become the largest bank failure this year, as the body count approaches 80. The bank has been seized by FDIC and sold to BB&T Corp. late Friday. read more »
    Want your kid to become one of the richest people on earth? Just send them to Harvard. read more »
    Sure, it has been scary. And now is no time to discount the dangers that still lie ahead. But opportunities are also big - so opening your mind to optimism can help you seize them. read more »
    Taking his private equity firm public paid off big for Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman, who became the top-paid chief executive in the US last year, a title he is likely to retain for some time. read more »
    Apple's smartphone market share growth over 1 year has been 10 times that of any other of its competitors. However, Apple is still only third in line when counting the number of units sold by each major smartphone manu read more »
    Traditional working hours vary greatly around the world, based on both economic and cultural differences. The OECD just released their latest study that shows which countries have their nose to the grindstone. read more »
    If you wanted to get a feel for how dramatically Apple has shifted the cell phone business, take a look at this chart. Its 40% margins are unmatched in the industry. read more »
    Now that the worst is over, this is a good time to reflect on the Canadian experience: More prudent lending and borrowing and the ability to avoid bubbles. read more »
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart checked in with some recession dodgers at Harvard and MIT to find out if they've had a chance yet to reflect and fully embrace the MBA Oath. The results are stunning. read more »
    Subscription based flights, anyone? Jetblue announced yesterday it will let consumers buy a pass that's good for unlimited trips to any of the airline's 56 international and domestic destinations. read more »
    The French and German economies both grew by 0.3% between April and June, surprising economists and bringing to an end year-long recessions in Europe's largest economies. read more »
    Simply surviving through such a huge recession may be considered success. However, some businesses managed to win market share - even grow. Chief among winners is McDonalds. read more »



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